Started proposal of Cochrane Rehabilitation Field

  • The 19th of September in Brescia, Italy, we ha the exploratory meeting to propose a new field of Cochrane collaboration in Rehabilitation. At the meeting were present the main expert of Cochrane meta-analysis and the CEO Mark Wilson . The New field is chaired from Stefano Negrini and will be a great opportunity for rehabilitation to increase the evidence and promote specific clinical research.

    In awaiting the approval of Rehabilitation fields please find the interesting cochrane ebook on Neurology.


  • Iuly Treger
    Iuly Treger Mauro, thanks for the information...
    I had a look at “CVA – Rehabilitation/post acute” at Neurological sciences Cohrane reviews… Almost all of them had the same conclusion: “The quality of the evidence from available RCTs was very low. The effectiveness a...  more
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  • Mauro Zampolini
    Mauro Zampolini Due to the reasons that you underlined it is very important to have a Cochrane rehabilitation Field. The problem of rehabilitation deal with the difficulties to have good clinical trials and the homogenous methodology. We should promote rehabilitation als...  more
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